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Evan Orman is a college student like any other millennial. He is active on social media and lives his life through a screen. On the verge of a meltdown after a fallout with someone he loves, Evan becomes more indulged in Montreal’s nightlife culture.

But it is in his drunken state that he begins to remember simpler times – before social media took over.

In Book One of the Socially Talented Series, Evan reflects on his time at Glen’s Pool. Aquatic sports, first loves, friendship, and the community of Glen’s in the early 2000s. It often leads to clarity and newfound perspectives. But will it be enough to give his life meaning again? Or will Evan need to dig deeper to understand why he is always drunk and lost.


After struggling to find a job since his university graduation, a young bisexual man, Max Velasco, reconnects with his former gay lover, Milo Dumont, a famous DJ and social media content creator.

Impressed by his writing ability, Milo hires him to be a copywriter at his organization, Joie Media, a company that functions as a platform highlighting Milo’s brand for his online audience.

Max’s work soon takes him all over Mexico, where Milo pushes aside the harsh realities of the global pandemic and hopes to reignite the spark he and Max had in high school.

But when Max falls in love with Diana Romero, a social media manager for Joie Media, Milo’s true nature is revealed. Max begins resenting his lack of a work-life balance and the pressures Milo places on him. It makes him desperate to move on from Joie Media before he is stuck there for good.

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