Marketing today

Over the last decade, technology has changed marketing. A TikTok video might be all it takes to generate a following. Social media presents an infinite amount of options for companies and people to build their audiences. But marketing is far from an easy task. So, where does one begin to understand it? Lucky for us in Montreal, there are a number of creatives in the field. 

Malik Bouabid, Apo Kali, and Donny Oberoi are a group of friends that came together to create a platform to help promote the names of talented artists in Montreal and abroad. Their start-up is called MTLIVE, and they have collaborated with established artists like Stephen Voyce and rising stars like Sweeter Lou. 

Even though creating great music is important, MTLIVE opened up about how crucial it is for them to get their clientele to pay attention to their online presence. It is something that Damiano Pulcini does — a digital marketing expert for Universal Music Canada. 

“Seeing a campaign go from an idea to a meaningful final product is what I love to see happen. It helps drive traffic to the artist, and it’s a job I don’t take for granted,” Damiano told The Suburban. “Marketing can be tough, but also so rewarding in the end. The key is to be consistent and to never stop working at it. You never know who might discover you.” 

Building off that more, Ajevan Jey — Founder of Lowkey Media and a Growth Consultant for On a Roll Records — shared his insight on what it means to create a vision for your brand. Matt Swish is a local E-commerce Consultant who added to this by stating the value of investing in a good website. But not everyone has gotten with the times. This is something that Ariane Thibault explained — a Digital Marketing Strategist with Ovrgrnd and 66AGENCY. 

“Universities should encourage students to explore what interests them outside of what they’re studying,” Ariane told The Suburban. “I think it will help people realize what they’re good at and what they can offer companies and others in the long run. If you want to attract followers to your page or business, your personality and online community is what matters. So, the more you’re able to do, the more people will relate to you and buy into what you’re doing.” 
Thibault has worked with many influencers and companies, which includes fashion blogger Sarah Ostiguy and the soccer page Lavictoire. She is also a brand ambassador for NFL Canada. But success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work. And showing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship is what the Montreal based company Mid-Day Squares expresses in their content. Lezlie Karls (CEO), Nick Saltarelli (COO) and Jake Karls (COO) have built a company by being unapologetically themselves.

“People have told us how refreshing our content is, and it is because we are completely honest in our approach,” Lezlie Karls said. “We are vulnerable and have no problems showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship. Our energy is real. We don’t hide anything.”

Mid-Day Squares’ raw format has attracted a 58K following on Instagram, and has inspired others to pursue their dreams. But if their story has a message, it is the fact being who you are is crucial — whether it is online or in person. So, be vulnerable. Be honest with your audience. And don’t be scared to explore interests outside your comfort zone. This is marketing today.