Lou Celestino begins a new chapter with One More Chance

Lou (1.0)

Lou Celestino’s debut single One More Chance aims to express the Filipino-Canadian artist’s experience with heartbreak, the act of moving on from past relationships to heal as a person. It is Celestino’s way of telling the world his story in the most authentic way possible. 

“I used this song as an opportunity to fully express my vulnerabilities, and to speak my mind without worrying about what others will say about me,” Lou said in our interview. “Music has become my safe place and helped me heal spiritually and mentally. This is my chance to let others get to know the real me. I am welcoming them into a side of my life I never show.”

Previously known as Sweeterlou, Celestino built a name for himself in his local community in Montreal by doing covers, releasing a few singles, and the notable music video “Smile on Your Face”. But now that Celestino is evolving as a student at the RBC Launchpad Music Entrepreneurship Program, it only felt right to rebrand himself going forward. 

“The biggest factor that played on the name change is how I felt I outgrew that chapter of my life,” Lou said. “ I feel that ‘Sweeterlou’ is a person I am not anymore. Life threw me a lot of hardships the last few years, and I came out of it with a different perspective I’m now taking into my music. Basically, I am turning a negative into a positive.” 

Along with One More Chance coming out in late May, Celestino also plans to release an EP at the end of 2022. But until then, keep your eyes open for updates on other singles, live shows, and so much more. It is only the beginning for this Montreal artist.