Mexico’s Sweetest Bakery

Mohn Blumen

Mexico is known globally for its cuisine and popular beach destinations. But there are several other elements that make it the beautiful country that people know and love. Mohn Blumen Mx is just one great example. 

Located in the State of Mexico, Mohn Blumen Mx is a bakery that combines familiar Mexican flavors and Jewish tradition in one delicious bite. It is run by Jacquilene Sclar, along with her daughters Tamara, Ariela, and Dana. Their family migrated from Europe to Mexico a century ago. It is something the family stayed true to when it opened the bakery in August 2019.

“We’re Mexican, but also proud to be Jewish,” Dana said. “It makes our goods uniquely ours since we respect Jewish traditions, while offering people something delicious.” 

“Honestly, we just wanted to start a business with our mom,” Tamara and Ariela added. “We like making people feel at home and we like making friends. That’s why we encouraged our mom to join forces with us since she has many years of baking experience.” 

Mohn Blumen Mx’s menu changes every week, and usually it takes special requests. It’s main specialties are babkas, cakes, and galletas. Quite like many shops, Mohn Blumen had its share of challenges to face during the pandemic. Regardless, though, it adapted with grace – keeping the origin of the bakery’s name in mind to help stay motivated. 

“Mohn Blumen is Yiddish for poppy seeds,” Jacqueline said. “It’s an ingredient that was used in many recipes among European-Jews because it was cheap and easy to find. Cooking with poppy seeds helps us connect with our ancestors and honor the past. It shows people we are a real family business eager to welcome you into our world.” 

The Sclar family is proud to say it is also a woman-owned shop. Check out its website and social media pages. Experience Mexican culture a little deeper. If you have a chance, stop by Mexico’s sweetest bakery.